Viroline Smart cleans the air from germs such as bacteria and viruses. It is optimised for use in many different spaces such as laboratories, administrative buildings, workshops, conference rooms and entrance areas.

A low-noise, high-performance fan draws in the air. The plant is based on a two-stage filter concept. The contaminated air is guided through a microfilter into the stable housing. In the housing, the germs are efficiently eliminated by means of a high-performance UV-C lamp.

Similar to the principle of a mouth and nose protector, the Viroline Smart Microfilter G4 absorbs dust and aerosols, which according to the german Robert Koch Institute are frequently the carriers of viruses. Viruses attached to these small droplets are consistently inactivated by the continuous UV-C irradiation. This way Viroline Smart progressively cleans all the air in the room.

The walls of the housing are made from robust stainless steel and ensure reliable protection against the UV-C radiation. Viroline Smart is best suspended at the required height by means of ceiling hooks.

The microfilter mats and the UV-C lamps can be changed without tools if required. The device is low-maintenance and energy-saving. The Viroline SmartBasic can be controlled by a timer. The WiFi version enables switching on and off via smartphone.


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